Professional Results at Any Scale


Professional Results at Any Scale

A Trusted Company for Custom HVAC Solutions


System Installation & Repair

We carry a wide range of equipment and offer some of the best warranties available. With thousands of parts in stock and top of the line diagnostic equipment, we are more than prepared for your call.


Performance Solutions

We find custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of a client’s facility or process, such as replacing inefficient outdated equipment, upgrading controls, or the installation of an economizer.


Equipment Maintenance

We deliver real-world cost savings through prevention – scheduled twice or more annually, depending on the application. Predictive system monitoring and early detection are essential to your facility.


My name is Daniel Robinson and I am owner and operator of HVAC Rescue.  The name of my company is a testament to the importance I place on the necessity and reliability of heating and air conditioning -- It ranks right up there with an emergency!   The reputation of my company for accuracy of diagnosis, prognosis, recommendations for upkeep, treatment, and repair brings to mind the exact expectations one has when turning to the medical professionals.

My entrepreneurial spirit was born at an early age, and I learned many values working alongside my grandfathers and father, all who owned businesses ranging from small construction companies to crane and rigging.

As for myself, I was always inclined to the complexities of refrigeration and pursued a degree out of my father’s alma mater in Memphis, Tennessee, William R. Moore’s School of Technology.  I moved through apprenticeships and eventually procured my mechanical contractor’s license.  Not long after that, my love for free enterprise, adventure, and people led me to start this company.

I am able to proudly state that I look for a customer’s best option and nail deliverables.  Whether it represents repeat business or not, excellence drives the performance of HVAC Rescue and is it’s most essential core value.